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IHG gave my login credentials to someone else named 'Sam Lachance'. I received an email today with a hotel reservation receipt. I did not make this reservation. I called customer support and they said that someone else named Sam Lachance made this reservation (1/x) @[email protected]

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Snippet from chat:
Semver is an *efficient* way of me communicating how much this patch should fuck you over as a dev.

X.x.x <--- a whole fucking lot
x.X.x <--- not at all but yummy features
x.x.X <--- I'm probably *unfucking* something.

Currently running my business on Elastix now, debating a move to IssabelPBX, PBXact ended up on my radar but I doubt they're a good "virtualize your PBX solution" looking at their site (they seem hardware + SaaS). Any other VoIP solutions I should be looking at?

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At this point I have the feeling that the Kubernetes + Golang's ever-churning set of tools and components ecosystem is to DevOps what the Javascript never-ending web framework dance is to the front-end.

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We exited 2018 with a lot of positive things to say about ’s regional economy:
✔️ The sixth strongest increase in household incomes of any metro area anywhere in the country.
✔️ A local economy that’s creating jobs at a rate twice as fast as the national average.

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I like how if I put a question mark in @[email protected]'s support form it errors with "invalid data", awesome job to an already frustrating process of finding out why these duty fees are so high.

So mixed on 's cloud service. Love the product, but pricing is rough, and not being able to manage accounts on a corporate level is kind of a nightmare. Really kind of set up for small-time stuff right now.

Self-hosted seems to be the way to go for now.

Anyone know of a good community chat replacement for Slack? Not being able to bulk move messages is a bit rough.

RT @[email protected]: well this was a good presentation when the first slide is "Click to add title".

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Anyone know of any good technology related Mastodon relays?

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