Heads up when selling stuff from @[email protected], sell "access" to stuff and "Significantly Not As Described" claims should be automatically denied as per their policy, because you're selling "access" and not the product itself! @[email protected]

@[email protected] And word on this? Sucks to have to pay a professional because the product was:
1) The entirely wrong file
2) Not usable at all

Company was supposed to give us contracts, ends up sending documents we can't use, end up having to pay a lawyer to draft up new docs. @[email protected] declines case because the unusable docs were "materially similar" (eg: it's text in a document!) even though legally unusable.

Oh the Mastodon <-> Twitter sync now properly syncs me replying to myself, so if I make a comment on a thread or a multi-post Mastodon will preserve that, sweet!

BTW: a little unfair, Laravel is powerful, just a steep learning curve.

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@[email protected] We're trying to, ah, unflip it as we speak. Sorry for the trouble, Mark. 🎀 Please follow along here: status.slack.com/

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IHG gave my login credentials to someone else named 'Sam Lachance'. I received an email today with a hotel reservation receipt. I did not make this reservation. I called customer support and they said that someone else named Sam Lachance made this reservation (1/x) @[email protected]

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Snippet from chat:
Semver is an *efficient* way of me communicating how much this patch should fuck you over as a dev.

X.x.x <--- a whole fucking lot
x.X.x <--- not at all but yummy features
x.x.X <--- I'm probably *unfucking* something.

Currently running my business on Elastix now, debating a move to IssabelPBX, PBXact ended up on my radar but I doubt they're a good "virtualize your PBX solution" looking at their site (they seem hardware + SaaS). Any other VoIP solutions I should be looking at?

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At this point I have the feeling that the Kubernetes + Golang's ever-churning set of tools and components ecosystem is to DevOps what the Javascript never-ending web framework dance is to the front-end.

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We exited 2018 with a lot of positive things to say about ’s regional economy:
✔️ The sixth strongest increase in household incomes of any metro area anywhere in the country.
✔️ A local economy that’s creating jobs at a rate twice as fast as the national average.

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I like how if I put a question mark in @[email protected]'s support form it errors with "invalid data", awesome job to an already frustrating process of finding out why these duty fees are so high.

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