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So mixed on 's cloud service. Love the product, but pricing is rough, and not being able to manage accounts on a corporate level is kind of a nightmare. Really kind of set up for small-time stuff right now.

Self-hosted seems to be the way to go for now.

Anyone know of a good community chat replacement for Slack? Not being able to bulk move messages is a bit rough.

RT @[email protected]: well this was a good presentation when the first slide is "Click to add title".


Anyone know of any good technology related Mastodon relays?

@yeezus_sysadmin Ended up finding out it's been discontinued for the EMC ML3 which is like 2-3x the price depending on vendor. I ended up sourcing one from somewhere else. Thanks though!

@sam Wait you can run selenium headless? 😂 I always have it set up on VMs so I never bothered to like, try to....

Anyone know of any vendors that would be good to reach out to to purchase a Dell TL2000, preferably new, with rails? Probably LTO-6, maybe 7, SAS.

Other 2U tape libraries with an I/E port can also be considered.

RT @[email protected]: Coined a new term this morning.

Agilate (verb): to perform Agile Software Development tasks such as attending a daily standup, getting immutable requirements finalized before coding, making excuses why everything won’t be completed before the sprint deadline, etc.


Anyone know of any good Mastodon relays around IT stuff I can get added to? Seems to be the best way to get content in your federated pipeline and visibility for smaller nodes.

I'm still kind of bummed that Microsoft makes Always-On availability groups limited to one database for Standard, making us rely on Failover Cluster Instances, I understand not allowing more than 2 nodes, or one to be a read-only, but just for simple failover?

RT @[email protected]: Todays great moment: an uber geek friend that could build a phone system from scratch called for a ring-u Hello Hub because he needs something for his business that "just works". Thanks Aaron!


"Hey, have you tried exactly what you did which ended up in us terminating two of your corporate accounts?" Yes @[email protected], I did exactly that. .

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