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Yesterday: Can't renew for Microsoft Partner Network due to it trying to re-sign me up even though I'm signed in.
Today: Redirect loop

How does Microsoft have such broken software? Who the hell writes this stuff?

I swear a lot of Cloud platform administration isn't about good UX, but about shuffling files between services so they can charge me money instead of just giving me a damned file to download.

Listen... listen.

How about Blazor, but instead of Razor (which I'm not fond of), it's Vue, but instead of TypeScript we write C#? Compiled to Wasm.

Clean, reads well, easy to use, known life-cycle and flow, supports code-behind files cleanly.

Comeonnnnnnn please.

Starting off a Saturday with spam in our dev community Slack, that's annoying.

BTW: I ended up getting working drives from *ebay*, you've got to be kidding me.

I got *2* shipments of "new in box hard drives" that were actually used. 4 of them came from a pre-built server, all had I/O errors. 1 of them I didn't bother checking but came with the disk set in read-only mode and with a few thousand hours on it.

Amazon and Newegg.

Apparently Keybase has become a source for spam now that chat is the default, kind of amused.

Hacknight tonight, hyped about that. Need to get a lot of stuff done so I can nap so I can be recharged for it though.

I like how the story about how I got written up for saying "FFS" in a chat when I found a huge security/privacy issue being violated by employees now results in the ban hammer emoji being used every time someone says "FFS" πŸ˜‚

@ryan Yeah it took my new profile image, lol not exactly what I wanted, but there.

@ryan They should be good now, had to set permissions back after the upgrade.

Ultimately I'm not surprised about the whole Meetup situation, it's been something we've been wanting to avoid as a group for a long while, and now even easier to avoid.

I'm also a little bent out of shape that their cloud offering is cheaper... what?

@[email protected] Oh just noticed they are in Switzerland, no problem on that front then.

Also still waiting for @[email protected] to reach back out with that trial license.... sigh...

I've worked on projects more than 100k lines and they weren't large, hosting multiple projects means we're quickly spending 4 or even 5 figures, ouch... I'm hoping I'm being overly paranoid and the counts aren't as bad as I'm thinking they'll be.

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