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Unfortunately, my Internet provider (EPB Fiber Optics, AS26827) does NOT implement BGP safely. Check out to see if your ISP implements BGP in a safe way or if it leaves the Internet vulnerable to malicious route hijacks. via @[email protected] @[email protected] ?

: "Why aren't you on cloud, get on cloud, you on cloud yet?"

Fucking improve your goddamned product, you abandoning the one I like to push me to the cloud just makes me trust you *less*.

Hmm not just local, maybe level 3 being awful again?

Is @[email protected] fiber optics having issues with peering again? I've just lost a *chunk* of the internet.

Watching a local tech company known to spread FUD about security (while selling security services) making light of the COVID-19 situation, keeping screenshots of all of this for later....

RT @[email protected]

GTKSharp + C#/.NET Core + Glade = Surprisingly nice development experience for writing desktop Linux apps. As a "Linux Guy" I'm constantly amazed at how nice of a development experience it is when working with .NET Core on Linux. Really love it.


Oh geez it eventually unhitched.

Doing this to a client would get me fired.

This page just hangs forever when I sign in, it renders but the browser spins and the UI is hung, I can force-kill the tab, tried on multiple browsers including Microsoft's "blessed" Edge.

Also: I can't access my open ticket on the issue, my MPN portal now lacks the "Support" tab which it had yesterday.


Yesterday: Can't renew for Microsoft Partner Network due to it trying to re-sign me up even though I'm signed in.
Today: Redirect loop

How does Microsoft have such broken software? Who the hell writes this stuff?

I swear a lot of Cloud platform administration isn't about good UX, but about shuffling files between services so they can charge me money instead of just giving me a damned file to download.

Listen... listen.

How about Blazor, but instead of Razor (which I'm not fond of), it's Vue, but instead of TypeScript we write C#? Compiled to Wasm.

Clean, reads well, easy to use, known life-cycle and flow, supports code-behind files cleanly.

Comeonnnnnnn please.

Starting off a Saturday with spam in our dev community Slack, that's annoying.

BTW: I ended up getting working drives from *ebay*, you've got to be kidding me.

I got *2* shipments of "new in box hard drives" that were actually used. 4 of them came from a pre-built server, all had I/O errors. 1 of them I didn't bother checking but came with the disk set in read-only mode and with a few thousand hours on it.

Amazon and Newegg.

Apparently Keybase has become a source for spam now that chat is the default, kind of amused.

Hacknight tonight, hyped about that. Need to get a lot of stuff done so I can nap so I can be recharged for it though.

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