do pinned columns have a name? are the Doots? are they Trunks?

aw man, so mastodon doesn't remember my pinned columns

I just figured out what I like about places like Twitter and Mastodon - I can treat them like a `cat > /dev/null`

I want an LSD helmet that isn't LSD because LSD is illegal

actually I think instead of @willsgalaxybrain, it would make more sense to throw an octothorpe-galaxybrain tag on the post and let you guys filter it out using masterdooner's super cool filter features.

based on how often I come back to devanooga slack and find myself having missed 500+ messages, I'm surprised at the low volume of tweetootles over here in masterdonia

Hey so once I figure out a simple way to post / view multiple accounts on the same mastodon instance, I'll be posting my crazy ideas to @willsgalaxybrain

ugh, mastodon doesn't seem to easily support multiple accounts signed in simultaneously in the same browser session.

Cause you can unfollow me, right?

wrong. I'll still show up in your local timeline.


I can literally dump my stream of consciousness out here and no one can be that mad at me.

oh shit I forgot how great microblogging is.

also macOS red underlines "kempt" and doesn't realize that it's a word.

... except when I use the built-in "look up" feature that looks at the dictionary that came with macOS; then it knows that "kempt" is a real word.

I hate the word "kempt".

It feels like someone 100 years ago misspelled "kept" and then insisted that they were right to the point where it became a widely recognized word.

that's almost double what twitter has! (2/2)

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